In order to better serve our Columbus community, we have created a process for local charities, non-profit organizations and local community organizations to make donation requests.

We will only consider donation requests that have followed these specific guidelines:

The event must be for a non-profit or charitable organization or it must benefit the local community.

A request must be submitted in writing and must include all of the information listed below before it will be reviewed.

  • Organization name
  • Contact name
  • Contact phone number
  • Street (mailing)address
  • City, state, ZIP Code
  • What are you requesting Jiffy Lube to donate?
  • When will the event take place?
  • Who will benefit from this event?

Written requests may be submitted any of the following ways:


Fax:      614-231-7184

     Jiffy Lube
           c/o Donation Request
           PO Box 13189
           Columbus, Ohio 43213